Services / HD - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Services / HD - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

We conduct a comprehensive site survey before installing cameras at the entrance and exit of your site to take high resolution images of the arrival and departure of each vehicle.

The cameras are linked by broadband internet to our control centre, where we keep an up to date list of vehicles authorised to be on site.

Our accurate software enables us to detect any unauthorised vehicles and vehicles that have exceded the maximum stay duration. We source the vehicle keeper details from the DVLA and issue them with a parking charge by post, including photographic evidence.

The cameras take good quality images both day and night, providing you with extra security as well as parking enforcement.

Our High Definition Automatic Number Plate Recognition (HD-ANPR) solution is one of our cutting edge parking solutions:

  • Maximum stay duration monitoring.
  • Cameras installed at entrances and exits take time stamped photographs of vehicles.
  • Cameras are linked to our control centre.
  • Authorised vehicle list maintained at our control centre.
  • Our software identifies all unauthorised vehicles entering and exiting site.
  • Quality images are taken day and night.
  • Enhances security on site.
  • Via our Client Link you have the ability to generate reports on car parking statistics.
  • 10% client revenue rebate (subject to site survey).

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