News / A new approach to self-ticketing. Launching March 2022.

News / A new approach to self-ticketing. Launching March 2022.

In anticipation of the changes to be introduced by the Parking Act (proposed to take effect in 2022) Park Watch is re-launching self-ticketing with its new and easy-to-use i-Ticket app, allowing freeholders, leaseholders and Right to Manage Companies (RTMs) to effectively manage their own car parks/land, deterring unauthorised parking.

i-Ticket has received a full make-over with ease of use, security and compliance at the forefront of the approach taken by our redesign. In addition to providing the self-ticketing service i-Ticket provides Landowners/Leaseholders/RTMs with a £10.00 share of each fully paid parking charge.

i-Ticket provides its users with a quick and intuitive solution to enforce parking restrictions independently and is fully compliant with the British Parking Association’s (BPA) codes of practice.

The i-Ticket app allows you to control and manage parking on your land, ensuring that it is used for the purposes that you intend.

i-Ticket is the only self-ticketing app to use geofencing technology, which ensures that parking contraventions can only become a parking charge notice (PCN) if the contravention is recorded on the land you own/lease. Inbuilt technology also ensures the parking charges are not issued more than 14 days after the event a contravention occurred. This feature provides the BPA with assurance that the highest standards of compliance are built into i-Ticket technology.

Upon registration new users will have exclusive access to detailed guides and videos within the i-Ticket app. By downloading the app and following the instructions, users will be guided through a step-by-step process to set-up a site for self-ticketting. Following sign-up, a member of the dedicated Park Watch team will be in touch to confirm the quantity of enforcement signs required, with further guidance of where the signs will need to be installed before sending out via courier for home-delivery. Clients will receive our professional correx signage by post, which they will then need to independently install (as per our guidance) on site. Photographic evidence of the signs installed will need to be submitted on the app to ensure compliance before our team can activate an account for self-ticketting.

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