About Park Watch

About Park Watch

At PARK WATCH, we tailor make a parking control system to fulfil your unique requirements in order to successfully eliminate unauthorised or inappropriate parking in private residential and corporate sectors.

With many years' experience in the parking control and enforcement industry, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and effectiveness in dealing with the public and in turn eradicating unauthorised parking from your premises. Comprehensive and bespoke car park management solutions have been developed around a well-established client base to deliver a complete parking management solution. A proven track record clearly demonstrates PARK WATCH has the ability to deliver the best management solution, whatever the size, nature and location of the parking facility.

Our parking enforcement methods are straightforward and allow you to keep control of your car parks or private areas, enabling you and your clients to get on with day-to-day life. There are many car park management services that we at PARK WATCH offer, all tailored to suit individual needs depending on the size and location of the potential car park.

Use of surveillance cameras

Over a number of our Customer’s sites we operate CCTV & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras to assist with the parking management of their private land.

The surveillance ANPR camera system is completely automated and its function is to capture the vehicle registration plate number, record entry and exit times of parked vehicles. A parking charge notice can then be issued to any vehicle that has exceed a maximum stay period or breach the terms and conditions that apply to private land. CCTV enforcement cameras are also used on private land in a similar fashion to the ANPR cameras the system allows the use of video cameras to monitor vehicles entering and exiting private land with the added benefit of reassuring the public of community and site security.

There are benefits from a camera system not only for the Customer but also for members of the Public:-

  • It reduces the abuse of over-stays and unwanted parking offering more space availability
  • It can deter anti-social behaviour and improve a safe parking environment
  • It can improve customer experience

Where there is a requirement for Car Park Warden Services we provide all our Wardens with body worn cameras this is to assist them to carry out their job role in a professional manner, and to protect them against verbal use or threats of violence.

Should you have concerns over the use of our cameras please contact us at info@parkwatch.co.uk

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