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Our self ticketing service (STS) offers you total control over parking management on your premises.

It is ideally suited where there may be particular sensitivities such as hospitals, schools or universities.

We will provide you with all the necessary signage and parking permits for you to issue to genuine visitors or staff etc. When your staff want to issue a ticket they simply take a digital photograph of the vehicle breaching the terms and conditions and upload it to our WardenWeb.

We will then source the owner/keeper details from the DVLA and send them a parking charge notice by post.

With our Self Ticketing Service:

  • YOU have total control of your car parking area.
  • YOU have all the necessary equipment to manage your parking regulations on site.
  • YOU issue the tickets to vehicles in breach of the terms of parking.
  • WE do the rest! – administration, phone calls, payments, appeals.
  • 10% client revenue rebate (subject to site survey).

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