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Mobile patrols is our new and improved mobile smartphone, offering real time ticketing with time-stamped photographs of vehicles in breach of the terms of parking.

This enables an immediate upload to both our Pay Charge facility and Client Extranet and is therefore available to both the client and the person who received the parking charge.

For those clients who do not wish to issue permits we are able to store vehicle information for staff or residents negating the need for a permit but still allowing for authorised vehicles to park with confidence.

Our exciting new mobile patrols application ensures PW continues to lead the way in professional parking solutions and offers:

  • A live data reporting facility.
  • The ability to streamline the Parking Charge process.
  • A technological advancement in Warden Patrol.
  • Fast track payment and viewing facility.
  • Real time ticketing combined with photographic evidence.
  • Total compliance with all current DVLA and British Parking Association (BPA) legislation.

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