Services / Self Ticketing Service (STS)

Services / Self Ticketing Service (STS)

Our self ticketing service (STS) offers you total control over parking management on your premises.

It is ideally suited where there may be particular sensitivities such as hospitals, schools, universities and private residential estates.

Self Ticketing Service

Our self ticketing service is a free service which operates under the following procedures.

Park Watch will install warning notices in the areas that are affected informing motorists of the private land parking conditions. A nominated person or persons from your organisation will be trained by Park Watch on our customer account system where the parking charge notice is created after obtaining vehicle information and uploading vehicle and registration details of the vehicle that is parked in contravention of the parking conditions.

Once this information is uploaded Park Watch will request vehicle keeper details from the DVLA and once received (normally within 24 hours) the parking charge notice along with images are sent out to the vehicle keepers address. The PCN includes information of the address where the parking incident occurred, time and date, and also of our appeals and payment procedures. The PCN offers the vehicle keeper an opportunity to pay a discounted rate from the original charge of £100 to £60 if paid within 14 days. A full appeals process should the driver feel they have grounds for making an appeal. If the PCN is not paid within 28 days a formal demand is then sent to the vehicle keeper and the cost of the charge escalates back to £100. If no payment is made after 28 days of sending out the formal demand the case is then sent to our debt recovery company who deal with the matter from that point.

With our Self Ticketing Service:

  • YOU have total control of your car parking area.
  • YOU have all the necessary equipment to manage your parking terms and conditions on site.
  • YOU issue the tickets to vehicles in breach of the terms of parking.
  • WE do the rest! – administration, phone calls, payments, appeals.
  • 10% client revenue rebate (subject to site survey).

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